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Ken “Kenlito” McConnell (b. 1951)  was born in Belfast, N. Ireland.

Ken’s first solo exhibition was hosted by us in the Lodge Hotel, Coleraine almost 20 years ago and was hailed as both an artistic and commercial success.

Since then, he has continued to develop as an artist and has built an enviable reputation as a colourist and celebrant of local life.

His work features in private and public collections across the world yet remains wonderfully affordable as Ken paints because he “has to” rather than for financial reward.

Retired from his professional career, Ken is concentrating on the good things in life including his painting.

Project categories: Pictures

The Causeway Coast : 8" x 12" : Acrylic on board
Coney Island : 12" x 14" : Acrylic on board
Portballintrae : 18" x 28" : Acrylic on board
Portrush Harbour : : Acrylic on canvas
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