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We stock over 1,000 original, vintage movie posters. Most are UK quads which have been exhibited in cinemas. They measure 40” x 30” (100 cms  x 75 cms approx.) They cover all genres and periods from the 1950’s onwards. We also carry a range of US 1 sheets. These measure 27” x 41” (68 cms x 104 cms approx.)  In addition we hold some 200 UK mini quads plus a few foreign language posters.  All the items are genuine and are covered by our no quibble money back guarantee. We are always interested in buying/ swapping collections of pre 1980 posters. Please feel free to email megan@irishartgroup.com with details of the posters you have for sale or alternatively please  phone Darach on ++44 (0)28 7083 4600. Below is a list of our stock. To see images of some of our more rare movie posters, please click here

101 Dalmatians196130″ x 40″C8
101 Dalmations – Press Book  30″ x 40″C9
A Dolls House197330″ x 40″C9
A Fine Madness196630″ x 40″C3
A Fish Called Wanda198830″ x 40″C6
A Month By The Lake199527″ x 41″C7/8
A Stitch in Time196327″ x 41″C9
A Summer’s Tale199630″ x 40″C7
A Tiger Walks196430″ x 40″C8
A Twist of Sand196827″ x 40″C7
A Woman’s Devotion195630″ x 40″C8
Accident196730″ x 40″C5
Ace High196927″ x 40″C8
Adventures of Ford Fairlane199027″ x 40″C9
American Pop198127″ x 41″C8
Amityville Horror197930″ x 40″C6
An American Tail 2: Fievel Goes West199130″ x 40″C7
Angel198230″ x 40″C7
Angel198330″ x 40″C6
Another Woman198830″ x 40″C7
Ant Bully (The)200630″ x 40″C8
Ant Bully (The)200630″ x 40″C8
Antz199830″ x 40″C8
Aristocats (The)198711″ x 14″C9
Aristocats (The)1970C9
Aristocats (The) – Guidebook1970
Ash Wednesday197327″ x 40″C7
Baby’s Day Out199427″ x 41″C8
Back to the future II198930″ x 40″C7
Back to the future II198927″ x 41″C7
Badge (The)198927″ x 41″ 
Bambi198530″ x 40″ 
Bambi199330″ x 40″C8
Bambi – RR197913.5″ x 29″C9
Bambi Lobby cards  
Bambi Synopsis1982
Bananas – Woodie Allen 27″ x 41″ 
Barry MacKenzine Holds his Own197430″ x 40″C8
Basil – Press Book  30″ x 40″C9
Basil the Great Mouse Detective198630″ x 40″C9
Basil the Great Mouse Detective1986C9
Batman and Robin199727″ x 41″C8
Batman and Robin199727″ x 41″C9
Batman And Robin – Advance199727″ x 41″C8
Batman and Robin Teaser199727″ x 40″C8
Batman Chris O’D199527″ x 40″C8
Batman Final Style199527″ x 40″C8
Batman Forever Advance Val Kilmer199527″ x 40″C6
Battle at Apache Pass (The)195227″ x 41″C4/C5
Beast of Budapest (The)195827″ x 41″C5
Beauty and the Beast199230″ x 40″C8
Beauty Jungle (The) A.K.A. Contest Girl196430″ x 40″C5
Beavis and Butthead Do America199630″ x 40″C7
Being John Malkovitch199927″ x 41″C8
Belle De Jour 199527″ x 41″C9
Berka195228″ x 20″C7/C8
Bicentennial Man 199927″ x 41″C8
Big Bounce  (The) – Advance200327″ x 41″C9
Big Sleep (The)197827″ x 41″C6
Birdman of Alcatraz196227″ x 40″C8
Black Beauty199427″ x 41″C7
Black Beauty199427″ x 41″C8
Black Rain198927″ x 41″C6
Blade runner198227″ x 41″C8
Blank Cheque199427″ x 41″C9
Blood Work200227″ x 41″C8
Blue Streak199927″ x 41″C6
Bodyguard (The)199227″ x 41″C8
Boy Did I Get A Wrong Number196627″ x 40″C8
Boys from Brazil (The)197830″ x 40″C8
Boys from Brazil (The)197830″ x 40″C5
Boys from Brazil (The)197827″ x 41″C5/C6
Brides of Fu Manchu (The)196627″ x 41″C8
Broadway Danny Rose198430″ x 40″C5
Buddy Buddy198130″ x 40″C9
Burn After Reading200827″ x 41″C8
Butch Cassidy196927″ x 41″C8
By Love Possessed196127″ x 40″C8
Bye Bye Love199527″ x 41″C7/8
Bye Bye Love199527″ x 41″C7/9
Calender Girls200330″ x 40″C7
Capone197530″ x 40″C7
Captain Corelli’s Mandolin200130″ x 40″C6
Captain John Smith and Pocahontas AKA Burning Arrows195327″ x 41″C6
Captain Newman196330″ x 40″C5
Car Wash197630″ x 40″C8
Caravans197930″ x 40″C5
Carey Treatment (The) / Cool Breeze??30″ x 40″C7
Carmen196730″ x 40″C6
Carrie197630″ x 40″C8
Carry on around the bend aka carry on at your convenience1971  
Carry on around the bend aka carry on at your convenience197113″ x 30″C6
Carry on Doctor196727″ x 41″C8
Carry on Doctor197227″ x 41″C7
Carry on England197627″ x 40″C9
Carry on Girls197327″ x 40″C9
Carry on Girls197328″ x 40″C6
Carry on Henry197127″ x 40″C9
Carry on Sergeant195927″ x 41″C6
Catwoman200427″ x 41″C8/C9
Cenira Soap – Terpentin – Anonymous1920s48″ x 36″C8
Change of Heart194330″ x 40″C5
Charley & the Angel197327″ x 40″C9
Charlotte’s Web197327″ x 41″C8
Cheyenne Autumn196430″ x 40″C9
Chicago – Advance200227″ x 41″C6
Chicago – Advance200227″ x 41″C7
Chicago – Advance200227″ x 41″C8
Chicago – Advance200227″ x 41″C9
Chucky Ornament 
Circus World196527″ x 41″ 
Cirkelkaffe – Harry Bernmark193540″ x 28″ 
City Heat198427″ x 41″C7
City that never sleeps195327″ x 41″C8
Cloudy with a chance of Meat Balls 30″ x 40″C7
Cole Bros Clown1940s38″ x 25″C8
Cole Bros Hippo1930s40″ x 29″C8
Coming Home197830″ x 40″C6
Commitments (The) – Publicity Stills1991
Concrete Jungle196127″ x 40″C8
Contraband Spain195527″ x 41″C8/9
Crash197727″ x 41″C8/C9
Credit Commerical de France191731.5″ x 47″ 
Creepshow198227″ x 41″C8
Cry of a Prostitute197627″ x 41″C4
Curse of the undead27″ x 41″C6/C7
Dawning (The)198830″ x 40″C7
Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid198230″ x 40″C9
Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid198230″ x 40″C9
Death Wish 4198730″ x 40″C6
Defence of the Realm198630″ x 40″C8
Delightfully Dangerous194541″ x 27″C3
Desert Hell195830″ x 40″C4
Diamonds for Breakfast196830″ x 40″C7
Dillinger197327″ x 41″C8
Dinosaur200030″ x 40″C6
Dirt Gang197227″ x 41″C9
Dive Bomber194127″ x 41″C5
Doctor in Clover196630″ x 40″ 
Donald Duck (Happy Birthday)198430″ x 40″C9
Donald Duck (Happy Birthday)198430″ x 40″C8
Donald Duck (Serigraph)1980s23″ X 30.5″C9
Donald Duck Goes West197730″ x 40″C8
Donald Duck Goes West – RR197730″ x 40″C9
Donald Duck Goes West / Blackbeard’s Ghost1970s30″ x 40″C9
Double McGuffin197927″ x 40″C7/C8
Dr Zhivago196527″ x 40″C4
Dr Zhivago1965  
Dr. Death : Seeker of Souls197327″ x 40″C9
Dubonnet Cinchona Tonic Wine191221.5″ x 15″C6
E.T.198527″ x 41″C8
Eagle Squadron194814″ x 36″C5
Eat the Peach198630″ x 40″C8
Eccelsa – Eugene De-costerc195040″ x 28″C9
Edge of Hell (Tender Hearts)195627″ x 40″C9
Edgware London Underground192640″ x 25″C8
Eight Below200630″ x 40″C7
El Norte198430″ x 40″C4
Electra Glide in Blue197327″ x 41″C9
Ellenzer Gold Elschen Mosel Wine1930s16.5″ x 12″C6
Ensign Fulver196927″ x 40″C8
Evita199630″ x 40″C8
Exodus196027″ x 41″C7
Eyes Wide Shut199930″ x 40″C7
Fabulous Baker Boys198930″ x 40″C7
Fabulous Baker Boys (The)198927″ x 41″C5
Fall of the Roman Empire196430″ x 40″C6/C7
Family Jewels (The)196527″ x 40″C5
Fanny Hill196527″ x 40″C7
Fantasia198130″ x 20″
Fantasia198130″ x 20″
Fantasia200030″ x 40″C5
Fastest gun alive (the)195627″ x 40″C5/C6
Fatal Attraction198727″ x 41″C8
Fatal Attraction198727″ x 41″C8
Father’s Little Dividend195127″ x 41″C6
Femmes Prehistoriques 1967C8
Fighting Prince Of Donegal (The)196627″ x 41″C7/8
First Day Schoolc195146″ x 22″C8
Fish Facts199827″ x 41″C8
Five Pennies195830″ x 40″C6
Flatliners199030″ x 40″C7
For a Few Dollars More196727″ x 41″C9
Force 10 from Navarone197830″ x 40″C8
Forsaken (The)200127″ x 41″C7
Fox and the Hound198130″ x 40″C5
Frankenstein199427″ x 41″C7
Frankenstein199427″ x 41″C8
Frankenstein Ornament 
Freakonomics201027″ x 41″C7
Friday 13th200927″ x 41″C8/C9
Friday the 13th 200927″ x 41″C8
Fried Green Tomatoes199127″ x 41″C7
Frightened City (The)196227″ x 40″C8
From Here to Eternity195322″ x 28″C9
Gauntlet (The)197730″ x 40″C8
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes195327″ x 41″C8
Georgy Girl196630″ x 40″C5
Germany Aer Lingus Kochel Am See Christmas1960s29.5″ x 20″C6
Getting Straight197030″ x 40″C8
Gigi196627″ x 40″C7
Girl from Tobacco Row196627″ x 41″C7/C8
Girl Hunters (The)196336″ x 14″C8
Glass House (The)197230″ x 40″C6
Glass Menagerie198730″ x 40″C7
Godfather (The)197230″ x 40″C9
Gone with the Wind196930″ x 40″C8/C9
Gone with the Wind – RR1970s30″ x 40″C8
Good Morning Miss Dove195527″ x 41″C5
Good, bad and the ugly196827″ x 41″C8
Goodbye Charlie196430″ x 40″C4
Goodbye Emmanuelle197730″ x 40″C6
Gorillas in the Mist198830″ x 40″C8
Grayeagle197727″ x 40″C8
Great Bank Robbery (The)196930″ x 40″C6
Great Smokey Roadblock (The)197727″ x 41″C6/C7
Groupie Girl197030″ x 40″C6
Gung Ho195327″ x 40″C5
Gustav Klimt198039″ x 25″C8
Hail Hail Rock And Roll198727″ x 41″C8
Hamlet199630″ x 40″C7
Hamlet199027″ x 41″C7
Hammer197227″ x 40″C7
Harry Potter – Philosophers Stone – RR202127″ x 40″C8
Harry Potter Deathly Hallows201027″ x 40″C9
Harry Potter half blood prince200930″ x 40″C8
Haunted Palace (The)196327″ x 40″C9
Heatwave198230″ x 40″C8
Heaven Can Wait197827″ x 41″C8
Henry V198930″ x 40″C8
Henry V198930″ x 40″C6
Herbie goes bananas198030″ x 40″C9
High Wind in Jamaica196530″ x 40″C6
Hit the deck195527″ x 40″C5/C6
Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit (The)  / Whinney the Pooh196927″ x 40″C6
Hot Blood195614″ x 36″C7
Hot Bubblegum198130″ x 40″C6
Hot Stuff197927″ x 40″C9
House of Dark Shadows197027″ x 40″C5
Hunchback of Notre Dame (The)199630″ x 40″C8
I Shot Andy Warhol199630″ x 40″C8
Importance of being Earnest200230″ x 40″C7
In bed with Madonna199130″ x 40″C7
In the Name of the Father199330″ x 40″C6
Incredibles (The)200430″ x 40″C8
Indian Paint196527″ x 41″C8
Inhibitions197730″ x 40″C5
Ireland fly TWAc1960s40″ x 25″C9
Ireland invites you195540″ x 25″C9
Ireland Travel Poster1950s40″ x 27″C6
Ireland via Holyheadc195850″ x 36″C8
Irish Air lines195840″ x 25″C9
Iron Sheriff (The)195727″ x 41″C8
Island at the top of the world (Vikings Style)197430″ x 40″C9
Jabberwocky197730″ x 40″C6
Jackson County Jail197630″ x 40″C8
James Bond – A View to Kill – B198527″ x 41″C8
James Bond – Golden Gun197427″ x 41″C8
Jazz Singer (The)198030″ x 40″C7
Jazz Singer (The)198030″ x 40″C7
Jerk (The)197930″ x 13″C8
Jingle all the Way199630″ x 40″C7
Joaquin Murrieta 27″ x 41″C8
Joe Macbeth195614 x 36C8
Johnny Reno196627″ x 41″C5
Journey Into Autumn AKA Dreams195530″ x 40″C5
Jungle Book196730″ x 40″C9
Jungle Book 199330″ x 40″C7/8
Jungle Book – Press Book1967C8
Jungle Book – Synopsis1967C9
Killing Fields198430″ x 40″C5
Killing Fields198430″ x 40″C6
Killing Fields 198427″ x 41″C7
King & Four Queens195627″ x 40″C3
Kismet195627″ x 40″C6
La Belle Bernice Flamenco Spain Song Dance Festival197336″ x 21″C6
La Boheme198730″ x 40″C7
La Traviata196727″ x 41″C9
La Traviata198230″ x 40″C6
La Traviata198230″ x 40″C5
Lady and the Tramp197211″ x 14″C6/C7
Lady and the Tramp – RR197513.5″ x 26″C9
Lady and Tramp – Synopsis 30″ x 40″C9
Lady Frankenstein197227″ x 40″C6
Last Detail197430″ x 40″C5
Last of the Pony Riders195330″ x 40″C7
Last Stagecoach West195727″ x 41″C7
Leading Men Lobby Cards  
Lego Movie201430″ x 40″C7
Lego Movie201430″ x 40″C7
Lego Movie (The) – Advance Style B201327″ x 41″C8
Leone – Artist Angeretti1950s53″ x 38″C8
Let the Good Times Roll197330″ x 40″C6
Let’s Make it Legal195127″ x 41″C8/9
Letter to Brezhnev / My Beautiful Launderette198530″ x 40″C8
Life of Pi201230″ x 40″C7
Lilo & Stitch200230″ x 40″C9
Liqueur des Peres Chartreux Tarragone191221.5″ x 15″C6
Little Big Man197030″ x 40″C6
Little Miss Marker198030″ x 40″C6
Little Miss Marker198027″ x 41″C7
Little Polar Bear200530″ x 40″C7
Lone Ranger (The)195630″ x 20″C5
Long Voyage Home (The)194027″ x 41″C8/C9
Look Back in Anger195927″ x 41″C7/8
Loophole195427″ x 41″C6
Loot197030″ x 40″C8
Machine Gun McCain197027″ x 41″C8
Madam Butterfly195530″ x 40″C5
Madness of King George (The)199427″ x 41″C8
Magnificent Rebel196230″ x 40″C8
Main Attraction (The)196230″ x 40″C5
Malenka, La Vampire (Fangs of the Living Dead)196945″ x 62″ 
Man in the Moon196027″ x 41″C8
Man Who Couldn’t Walk (The)196130″ x 40″C5
Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (The)196227″ x 41″C9
Man Who Sued God (The)200130″ x 40″C7
Man who would be King (The)197530″ x 40″ 
Marjorie Morningstar195827″ x 41″C7/8
Marriage on the Rocks196527″ x 40″C8
Mary Poppins Single Lobby Card196410″ x 12″C6
Matilda199627″ x 41″C8
Maya196630″ x 40″C6
McVicker198127″ x 40″C8
Metropolis200230″ x 40″C9
Mickey Mouse A (Serigraph)1980s23″ X 30.5″C9
Mickey Mouse B (Serigraph)1980s23″ X 30.5″C9
Mickey Spillane 36″ x 14″C8/C9
Midnight Cowboy196930″ x 40″C6
Midsummer Nights Sex Comedy198230″ x 40″C7
Monster House200630″ x 40″C7
Mountains of Mournes1947/4840″ x 24″C7/C8
Mr. Hobbs takes a Vacation196230″ x 40″C8
Much Ado about Nothing199927″ x 41″C8
Muppet Treasure Island199630″ x 40″C7
Murder at 1600199730″ x 40″C8
My Pleasure is My Business197530″ x 40″C5
Navajo195538″ x 25″C8
Navajo Run196427″ x 41″C8/9
Never Put it in Writing196430″ x 40″C5
Night of the Iguana196427″ x 40″C3
Night to Remember195827″ x 41″C9
Nightcomers (The)197130″ x 40″C8
None but the Brave196527″ x 40″C8
Norwood?30″ x 40″C9
Notorious / The Deep Blue Sea 22″ x 28″ 
Nureyev’s Don Quixote197327″ x 41″C8
Nureyev’s Don Quixote197327″ x 41″C7/8
Nutcraker198930″ x 40″C6
Old Yeller – RR1960’s30″ x 40″C9
Oliver & Co199830″ x 40″C9
On A Clear Day You Can See Forever197027″ x 41″C6/7
On the Waterfront195422″ x 28″C9
One Hundred and One Dalmatians199630″ x 40″C7
One Hundred and One Dalmatians / Ride a Wild Pony197630″ x 40″C8
Only Game In Town196927″ x 41″C8/9
Open Season197430″ x 40″C7
Other Canterbury Tales (The)197630″ x 40″C5
Over the Hedge200530″ x 40″C8
Palaces of a Queen196727″ x 41″C9
Passport to Destiny194427″ x 41″C5
Password is Courage (The)196230″ x 40″C5
Pat Garrett197327″ x 41″C8
Pearl of the South Pacific195527″ x 41″C3/4
Pelican Brief  (The)199327″ x 41″C6
Perfect Marriage (The)194627″ x 41″C4
Peter Pan195336″ x 14″C8
Peter Pan197330″ x 40″C9
Peter Pan Single Lobby Card1960s10″ x 12″C6
Pinnochio197830″ x  40″C8/C9
Pinnochio198530″ x 40″C8
Pinnochio198530″ x 40″C5
Pinnochio – RR198213.5″ x 26″C9
Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night198730″ x 40″C8
Planet of the Apes196830″ x 40″C9
Plaza Suite197127″ x 41″C6/7
Pliniana193340″ x 28″C8
Plumber’s Mate197830″ x 40″C5
Pocketful of Miracles196227″ x 40″C8
Pokemon 2000200030″ x 40″C8
Pony Soldier195227″ x 40″C5/C6
Postman Pat The Movie201430″ x 40″C8
Prehistoric Women196713″ x 30″C9
Prehistoric Women Campaign Book1966
Prince and the Pauper (The)196230″ x 40″C4
Prince of Tides (The)199127″ x 41″C7
Prisoner of Zenda197927″ x 41″C8
Private Benjamin198030″ x 40″C8
Prizzi’s Honor198527″ x 41″C7/8
Prospero’s Books199127″ x 41″C9
Pulp Fiction199430″ x 40″C8/C9
Quebec195127″ x 41″C6
Quiet American (The)200230″ x 40″C7
Quiet Man (The)195727″ x 41″C8
Raging Bull1980  
Railway Children (The)197014″ x 36″C8
Rainbow (The)198930″ x 40″C8
Ransom for a Dead Man197130″ x 40″C5
Rare Breed (The)196627″ x 41″C7
Raton Pass195127″ x 41″C5
Recess200130″ x 40″C8
Red Desert “Deserto Rosso”196426.75″ x 36.5″ 
Red Tomahawk196730″ x 40″C5
Rescuers1990s30″ x 40″C7
Rescuers (The)197527″ x 40″C7
Rescuers (The)1980s13.5″ x 26″ 
Rescuers Down Under199130″ x 40″C9
Revenge of the pink panther197827″ x 41″C7
Revolt of the Zombies193627″ x 40″C7/C8
Rio Grande195022″ x 28″C9
Rio Grande1960s / OR 195127″ x 41″C9
Rio Lobo197127″ x 41″C7
Rio Lobo197122″ x 28″C4
Ripley’s Game200230″ x 40″C7
Rise of the Guardians201230″ x 40″C8
Rise of the Guardians201230″ x 40″C8
Rise of the Guardians201230″ x 40″C8
Rita, Sue and Bob too198730″ x 40″ 
Rob Roy199527″ x 41″C8
Robe (The)196430″ x 40″C6
Robin and the Seven Hoods 27″ x 41″C7
Robin Hood197330″ x 40″C9
Rocky Horror Picture Show197527″ x 40″C8
Rodzina – The Family – Artist Jakub Erol197534″ x 23″C8
Romeo and Juliet195527″ x 41″C6
Rosemary’s Baby1970s45″ x 62″C9
Roustabout – Elvis196427″ x 41″C8/C9
Royal Ballet196027″ x 41″C9
Royal Ballet (The)196027″ x 41″C9
Royal Ballet (The) – Romeo & Juliet19668″ x 10″C9
Saadia195314″ x 36″C6
Sally Nightmare before Christmas (doll)1993
Salsa: The Motion Picture198830″ x 40″C6
Sands of Iwo Jima (The)195022″ x 28″C8
Saraband200330″ x 40″C7
Satanic Rites of Dracula1974  
Scapino – Nutcracker198142.5″ x 33″C8
Secret of Nimh198230″ x 40″C6
Seven Nights in Japan197630″ x 40″C6
Sex and the Single Girl196527″ x 40″C8
Sex Pistols: The Filth & The Fury200055″ x 39.5″C9
Sex, Lies & Videotape198930″ x 40″C8
SGT. Pepper Lonely HCB197827″ x 41″C7
Shaggy Dog200630″ x 40″C7
Shakespeare in Love199830″ x 40″C7
Sheherazade 196327.5″ x 39″C4
Showdown196327″ x 40″C7
Sirdar Sophisticates Malta Ladies Fashion Clothing1960s23″ x 17.5″C6
Sleepy Hollow199927″ x 41″C8
Smokey and the Bandit Part 3198314″ x 36″C8/C9
Smokey and the Hotwire Gang197827″ x 41″C6/C7
Smurfs201130″ x 40″C7
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs198730″ x  40″C9
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs198730″ x 40″C6
Snow White Song Sheet1937C6
Song of Bernadette1950s30″ x 40″C7
Song of the South198027″ x 41″C8/C9
Song of the South197330″ x 40″C9
Songwriter (The)198427″ x 41″C6
Spiderman 2200427″ x 41″C9
Spiderman 2 Sacrafice200427″ x 41″C9
Spirit200230″ x 40″C7
St. Ives197827″ x 41″C8
Stage to Thunder Rock196427″ x 41″C7
Star Trek Lobby Cards 
Star Trek Magazines 
Star Trek Posters 
Star Wars – Empire strikes back Adv.198027″ x 41″C9
Star Wars – Empire strikes back Style C199727″ x 41″C9
Star Wars – Return of the Jedi198327″ x 41″C8/9
Star Wars – Revenge of the Jedi198327″ x 41″C8
Star Wars – Revenge of the Jedi198227″ x 41″C8/9
Star Wars – Style D – Circus – Fan Club199227″ x 41″C9
Star Wars – Style D – Circus – Killian199227″ x 41″C9
Star Wars – Style D – Circus – Killian199227″ x 41″C9
Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back198027″ x 41″C7
Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back198227″ x 41″C9
Star Wars – the force awakens201530″ x 40″C8/9
Star Wars – the Last Jedi201730″ x 40″C9
Star Wars – the Last Jedi201727″ x 41″C9
Star Wars – the Last Jedi201730″ x 40″C8
Star Wars – the rise of skywalker201927″ x 41″C5
Star Wars Postcard Portfolio1993
Star Wars Wallpaper1977
Starship Invasions197727″ x 40″C7
Stay Away Joe – Elvis196827″ x 41″ 
Staying Alive198330″ x 40″C3
Steelyard Blues197330″ x 40″C6
Stormont1947/4840″ x 24″C8
Stranglers of Bombay (The)196013″ x 30″C9
Street Fleet198330″ x 40″C7
Streetcar Named Desire195136″ x 14″C8
Streets of Laredo195614″ x 36″C7/C8
Such Good Friends197130″ x 40″C5
Superman / Supergirl Trading Cards1968-84C8
Swinger’s Paradise196527″ x 40″C6
Sword & the Stone197630″ x 40″C8
Sword & the Stone / Winnie the Pooh198330″ x 40″C8
Sword and the Rose (The)195314″ x 36″C5
Sword in the Stone198330″ x 40″C7
Sword in the Stone – Press Book  30″ x 40″C9
Sword in the Stone / The Incredible Journey196330″ x 40″C8
Sword in the Stone / The Incredible Journey196330″ x 40″C6
Tarzan – The Ape Man198130″ x 40″C7
Taxi195314″ x 36″C7/C8
Teenage Rebel195622″ x 28″C5/C6
Ten Commandments (The)197230″ x 40″C7
That Funny Feeling196530″ x 40″C6
That’s your funeral197227″ x 41″ 
The Long Riders – Advance198027″ x 41″C8
They Live in Fear194430″ x 40″C5
Thief of Baghdad (The)196127″ x 41″C5
Things to do in Denver When You’re Dead199530″ x 40″C6
This Sporting Life196327″ x 40″C8
This Sporting Life196327″ x 41″C9
Three Muskeeters (The)199330″ x 40″C6
Three Worlds of Gulliver (The)196027″ x 41″C4
Til death do us part196827″ x 41″ 
Times Square198030″ x 40″C7
To have and have not195627″ x 41″C8
To the Mediterrean – Italian Line195739″ x 24″C8
Tom & Jerry199230″ x 40″C8
Tootsie198230″ x 40″C7
Trading Cards2001-10C8
Train Robbers (A)197327″ x 41″C7/C8
Train Robbers (B)197327″ x 41″C7/C8
Traitors (The)196327″ x 41″C9
Trop Belle Pour Toi198930″ x 40″C6
Twelfth Night199627″ x 41″C8
Two faces of Dr Jekyll (The)196013″ x 30″C9
Two weeks in September196714″ x 36″C6
Ugly American (The)196327″ x 41″C8
Veronica Guerin200330″ x 40″C7
Villa Rides196830″ x 40″C5
Visit to a Small Planet196627″ x 41″C6
Viva Las Vegas – Elvis 27″ x 41″C9
Waking Ned199830″ x 40″C6
Walking with Dinosaurs201330″ x 40″C7
War between men and women (The)197230″ x 40″C6
Weak and the Wicked (The)195427″ x 41″C9
We’re not Married195227″ x 41″C8/9
What’s So Bad About Feeling Good196830″ x 40″C6
Where Love Has Gone196427″ x 41″C8
Whistle Down the Wind196127″ x 40″C7
White Hunter Black Heart199027″ x 41″C8
Wild Duck (The)198527″ x 41″C7
Wild Wild West – Advance199927″ x 41″C8
Wilde199730″ x 40″C7
Wind in the willows1960s30″ x 40″ 
Wind in the Willows1960s30″ x 40″C8
Wind in the Willows – RR198730″ x 40″C9
World’s Greatest Athlete / Diamonds on Wheels197330″ x 40″C5/C6
Young Doctors (The)196127″ x 41″C6
Yours, Mine & Ours196830″ x 40″C5
Zoolander – Advance200127″ x 41″C9
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