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Humphrey, Louis – Prints

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Louis Humphrey (b. 1955 ) was born in Belfast,  N. Ireland.

These are not original pieces of art. They are prints of the original watercolours which were commissioned by us and are exclusive to us.

Your print will be sent to you in a postal tube via Royal Mail 1st class postage.

Louis Humphrey

  • Born Belfast 1955
  • Started painting at the age of 10 with various commissions during teenage years.
  • Numerous local and national art competition awards.
  • Produced various wall murals for local drama clubs and school productions.


  • Studied art at Manchester Art College for 4 years obtaining the highest grade possible, First Class Honours with Commendations.
  • Lived and worked in London for 4 years developing techniques.
  • Employed by Mary Quant.
  • Experimented further with Oils, Acrylics, Pastels, Watercolours, Airbrush and mixed media.
  • Produced work for many household names including Smith and Nephew, Johnson and Johnson.


  • Returned to Northern Ireland to concentrate on landscape painting in oils.
  • Produced work for numerous private collections in Australia, Canada and America.
  • Held One-Man Exhibition of over 40 pieces at Noone Cottage Art Gallery.
  • Limited Edition prints for Down Royal Golf Course and Royal Portrush Golf Course.
  • Oil paintings on display for HRH Duchess of Kent on the occasion of the official opening of Carnfunnock Country Park, Northern Ireland.


  • Qualified as a teacher for adult art classes in further education colleges, taught in education colleges and also held private tuition for individuals and classes.
  • Produced Specialist Art Cards from original art on a commercial basis for Larne Borough Council, Islandmagee Community Association, Impro Printing, Watt Nichol Associates and Inver Garden Centre.
  • Painted local landscapes for private collections.
  • Produced and illustrated brochures and literature for government agencies and commercial organisations.
  • Commissioned portrait of Don Tidy, Managing Director of Quinns Group, Ireland.
  • Painted commissioned portrait for Colin Anderson OBE, Managing Director, Anderson Spratt Group.

2000 to date:

  • Commissioned paintings to Sir Reg Empey, Deputy First Minister, Legislative Assembly, Northern Ireland and also to Willie Carter, Chairman of the International Fund for Ireland.
  • Paintings exhibited at:
    • The Willows Art Gallery, Islandmagee
    • Jonathan Swift Gallery, Carrickfergus
    • McGilloway Gallery, Derry, Northern Ireland
    • PortstewART Galleries, Northern Ireland
    • Aisling Gallery, Boston, USA
  • Travelled extensively throughout Ireland gaining inspiration for collection of landscape paintings.
  • Entrepreneur featured at the LEDU Personal Enterprise Road show held in Belfast at the Odyssey Arena, Belfast.
  • Exhibited as part of three-man show, Living Landscapes at the Jonathan Swift Gallery.
  • Exhibition at Mossley Mill, Newtownabbey Borough Councils Civic Headquarters, Northern Ireland.
  • Commissioned paintings exhibited in Arizona and Poland.
  • March 2002-travelling exhibition of over 25 paintings personally shown to Gallery owners in Boston, and Montreal. May 2002- North and South Carolina.
  • Artist of the month May 2002 Ireland’s Homes, Interiors and Living Magazine.


Turning back the clock to my childhood years, most people assume that I have always had this artistic talent and yet, I would disagree. My conscious interest in art only started from the age of ten and this interest was stimulated by a close school friend who was an immensely talented artist even at that early age.  He seemed to be able to draw any subject without any difficulty. As our friendship continued during these school years, I realised that this is what I really enjoyed doing and set my heart on becoming an artist from that point onward. We soon lost contact, but I will never forget those years, which opened up this love of art for me.

I am a great believer that certain things happen in life for a purpose. There are also times in your life that are like watersheds and opportunities are created and other doors closed. Who knows what is round the corner, but I am convinced that it is more fun to find out than to chose the normal route. A good friend who lives in Scotland once said to me, the only difference between the grove and the grave is the depth! Maybe he’s right!

Yes, there is the uncertainty of what I do as a profession but that’s one of the exciting parts. I have complete control over what I paint, when I paint and how I paint. In addition to being an artist, I am a keen photographer and I love walking for miles in the countryside around Islandmagee and the surrounding countryside, taking photographs that are the basis for my paintings. Also, I often make a few sketches of the scenes I have photographed and then, once back in my studio, I sketch some more details, think about the scene is it a calm day, a wind swept autumnal day, winter’s morning or a warm summers day! All these things go through my mind before the paintbrush touches the canvas. Each detail is worked out from the sky to the foreground and each scene is different from the last.

During my years as an artist, I have concentrated on landscapes in oils as well as producing impressionist style works. In fact, I have to admit that I enjoy painting in most mediums. A few years ago, I completed my certificate to teach art to adults and held numerous art classes in my local area. I studied art for four years at Manchester Art College. My love of art was reflected in the qualifications I attained during this period and I achieved the highest grades of any student in my year. From that point on there was no turning back on the world of art whatever its form!

I look forward to the challenges that will always appear to any artist and the rough and smooth patches help form and develop the artist. I keep saying that to myself anyway! Seriously, life is good and keeps getting better. I keep thinking back to my sons’ primary school motto: If it is to be, it isup to me! Isn’t that just brilliant!


Oil painting has always been my first love. The paintings I do are inspired by the wonderfulIrish landscape around me. Many of the places I know well. Indeed, some are literally, on my doorstep!

In my paintings I try to capture the fleeting moment a small slice of nature. From the constantly moving sunset to the fast flowing waters over moss-covered rocks. From the dancing shadows on sunlit trees to the warm glow of fresh fallen snow.

Crashing waves, old Irish farmhouses, coastal headlands, tranquil vistas, country churches, dramatic skies, and the interplay between light and shade are just some of the different aspects of my surroundings that I try to bring to life on canvas. I want to convey a feeling of depth to my paintings, a feeling of actually being there.

In my landscapes I enjoy working with an attention to detail bringing in various elements from sketchbooks, photographs and my imagination. I do however like to contrast this more literal style with a more impressionist palette knife approach using more vibrant colours. My main subject matter being, in this instance, street scenes.

I want to share my art with a wider audience and I hope the people who take an interest in my work enjoy these different views through nature’s window as much as I enjoyed painting them.

Project categories: Pictures

Mussenden Temple : 10” x 11.75” (printed image measures 8” x 10”) : Open edition print
Portstewart Strand : 10” x 11.75” (printed image measures 8” x 10”) : Open edition print
Dunluce Castle : 10” x 11.75” (printed image measures 8” x 10”) : Open edition print
Portstewart Harbour : 10” x 11.75” (printed image measures 8” x 10”) : Open edition print
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