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Les Royaumes d’Angleterrre – 1793

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“Les Royaumes d’Angleterrre” …1793…  Jean Lattré (fl. 1843 – 1793) /C. F. Delamarche (1740 – 1817) … 7 x 10” (18 cms x 25 cms) … later hand colour.. from “Le petit atlas moderne ou collection de cartes elementaires dedie a la jeunesse” .  Published in Paris by Delamarche who founded the important and prolific Maison Delamarche map publishing firm in the late 18th century. His work follows in the footsteps of his predecessors, Nicolas Sanson (1600-1667), Robert de Vaugondy (1686-1766), and Rigobert Bonne (1727-1794), many of whose maps he continued to reprint well into the early 19th century. Delamarche eventually passed control of the firm to his son Felix Delamarche (18th C. – 1st half 19th C.) and geographer Charles Dien (1809-1870). The firm continued to publish maps and globes throughout the mid 19th century. Van der Krogt considers them “the most successful French entrepreneurs  in maps and globes” of the 19th century This atlas was a 1780’s compilation of reduced size maps after Rigobert Bonne and Rizzi Zannon’s “Atlas Moderne”. This map has been mounted to museum standards.  Ref. Map 1183







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