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McClelland, Edith

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Edith McClelland is a self-taught professional artist and tutor, born in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, now living and working from her studio in the North East of Scotland. She is passionate in all forms of marine art, and also paints landscapes, still life’s, floral and figurative subjects using all forms of art media, but watercolour remains best loved.

Edith is an exhibiting member of the USWA and WCSI and her work is, and has been, regularly shown in Ireland, the UK and the Middle East, as well as on an International platform. Her work hangs in private collections around the world, in the WCSI permanent collection at Limerick University and, have been published in ‘The Best of Worldwide Watercolour’ and ‘International Artist’ hardback editions.

Project categories: Pictures

Anticipation : 12" x 9" : Watercolour
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