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Callaghan, Stef

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Stef (b. 1954) was born Malaysia. As a child, she travelled all over the world attending 13 different schools before emigrating to Australia where she met her artist husband, George. They raised five children.

Stef studied Hotel Management and Cooking in Hobart, Tasmania and also worked in the State Library Foreign Language Department for 15 years.

She studied Art at the Hobart Matriculation College. She has run her own gallery and published a series of cards and prints of her work and her paintings are private collections throughout the world

She now lives in France where she hopes that her work reflects a joy in everyday life and explores the interactions between people as they go about their daily pursuits.

Above all she hopes that the paintings make you smile.

Project categories: Pictures

Inside Yoga : Unframed size - 14" x 16" : Framed size - 26" x 28" : Acrylic on canvas
Something in Store : Unframed size - 20" x 20" : Framed size - 32" x 32" : Acrylic on canvas
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