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Smyth, Michael

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Michael Smyth (b.) was born in Belfast.

A painter and sculptor, Michael is one of Ireland’s most exciting artists and has been lauded by many of the country’s leading lights.

“Michael Smyth has this ability to be personally involved in his subjects without sacrificing painting for mere illustration”. Basil Blackshaw.

Many of his works are sparse compositions “in which the centrally placed image is surrounded by vigorous brushwork that defines no space, no specific location…They are a rapid, emotional response to things seen, events experienced, memories encapsulated in a few expressive brushstrokes. Smyth works quickly and instinctively, heightening the essential and excluding the superfluous”. Amanda Croft.

His work has gained the stamp of approval from the Royal Ulster Academy, where he was awarded the prestigious Eakin Prize for ‘the most outstanding still life’. Michael’s work is held in major public and private collections including the Ulster Bank Collection and the private collection of Joanna Lumley.

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Goat : 10" x 12" : Oil
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