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Shaw, Mary

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Mary Shaw ( b.  ) was born in Bristol, England.

Mary is self-taught and mixes diamond dust into her paint to give each work an iridescent sparkle transforming traditional themes into on-trend contemporary pieces.  She paints loosely and quickly using a variety of media with a delicacy of touch which is enhanced by areas of fine details within each painting.

As an adult, she spent four years living in Zimbabwe and Cape Town, where she began to establish herself as a professional artist.

On returning to the UK, Mary rediscovered her affection for the English countryside, having been struck by the vastly differing landscapes of her two homes. She was particularly interested in the rare and endangered species found amongst England’s hedgerows, and began to depict them in her paintings.

Created using a variety of media, Mary’s beautiful pieces have a delicate touch which seem to enchant all fortunate enough to encounter them. Loosely- painted organic foregrounds contrast with areas of exquisite detail; often a butterfly, kingfisher or field mouse is found nestled within the flowers.
She is collected by art lovers across the world-most notably the King of Qatar who was gifted a piece by his son Prince Abdullah Al Thani. She has also sold a Kingfisher to actor Martin Shaw.

Mary Shaw was shortlisted for the 2014 Fine Art Trade Guild Best published Artist award.


Project categories: Pictures

16" x 8" : Acrylic with Diamond Dust
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