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Millar, Lorna

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Lorna Millar (b. 1970’s) was born in Co. Down, N. Ireland.

The self taught artist has painted for as long as she can recall. Her paintings focus mainly upon nostalgic sunny days at the beach. There is an underlying warmth to her work. The windswept scenes conjure childhood memories of sunshine and sandcastles. The subject matter is perhaps influenced, not only by memories but many years spent painting in Tenerife.

Having painted professionally since the 1990’s, her work has captivated the hearts of art collectors across Ireland. She applies thick oil paint with broad energetic strokes of the palette knife to create an impasto effect which brings the images to life.

The paintings can be viewed in many galleries and private collections as far afield as the United States and New Zealand. The Rehearsal : 20″ x 30″ : Acrylic on board

Project categories: Pictures

Final rehearsal : 20" x 30" : Acrylic on board : £575 framed
Gathering wild flowers : 16" x 12" : Acrylic on board : £325 framed
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