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Richmond, Julie- Anne

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Julie-Anne Richmond (b. 1985) was born in Co. Tyrone, N. Ireland.

Julie-Anne graduated in Fine and Applied Arts from the University of Ulster, Belfast.

She is a full-time, professional painter working  and living in the Causeway Coast and Glens area of N. Ireland.

She has taken her local art market by storm in the past two years seeing her prices rise by 300% in a 24 month period.

Julie-Anne’s subject varies from landscapes, people and wildlife to simple beauty found in everyday objects. Julie-Anne uses the layering of vibrant colour to create movement and texture giving the work a signature style. Many are applauding Julie-Anne as a significant new find.

For Julie-Anne making a painting is all about communication and story telling, where the line and structure narrates the piece and the colour sets the mood.

Project categories: Pictures

Shipyard : 24" x 32" : Acrylic on board
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