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Nolan, John

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John Nolan (b. 1968) was born in Dublin, Ireland.

John is a second-generation artist having been exposed to art from an early age by his father. Over the past 35 years, John has established himself as an international artist whose work is characterized by his use of vibrant colour. As an artist he has worked with fellow artists, poets, musicians and designers on various commissioned artworks.

In 2003, he won the distinguished honour of representing Ireland at the Biennale Internazionale Dell ‘Arte Contemporanea in Florence, Italy.


In 2008 he completed a series of stylised paintings – Paying Homage. This is a work in progress which pays homage to the great masters.

In 2016, The Canadian Fashion House, Dolcezza Montreal, invited John to create 2 paintings for their limited edition Fall collection “Art Simply by Dolcezza”. The 2 paintings,” Homage to Picasso” and “Magenta Flowers” are reproduced on their garments and scarves.

In 2016 he started working with a fashion designer in Canada. His stylised motifs are being reproduced on their fabrics.

An international cruise company commissioned his artwork for one of their ships which was launched on the Danube in 2016.

He shares his passion for painting with many. In addition to teaching adult painting classes, John also participates in special projects at several elementary schools in the area.  His work is easily recognizable, and is known throughout Ireland and internationally, having been exhibited in many countries.

His work is in many public and private collections throughout the world. The subject of John’s work is colour.  He explores colour through his stylized / pop art, contemporary and abstract styles.  His paintings have been inspired by many artists. His father, in particular, was a huge influence on and source of inspiration for his work. John’s paintings transmit a positive, upbeat feeling to the viewer.

For John, art is a visual language, an important means of communication. He creates each piece as a unique experience. “Art is for everyone.”

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Homage to Lichtenstein's Crying Girl : "20 x 20" : Acrylic on deep edge stretched canvas :
Homage to Lichtenstein : "20" x 20" : Acrylic on deep edge stretched canvas :
Brad but : 20" x 20" : Acrylic on deep edge stretched canvas
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