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Rooney, J. P.

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J. P. Rooney’s work was first launched in November 1997 with a sell-out show. Since then it has been sold to collectors all over the world. He is well priced in a buoyant market that currently seeks new heroes and fresh investment opportunities, he has entered centre stage at a time when Irish art is in the ascendancy.

Rooney’s work has grown in confidence over time. It is looser, bolder, more directly narrative and has greater dramatic content than its more abstract predecessors. It has become more detailed, as his figures move increasingly into the foreground. His palette is more adventurous, his brush strokes more authoritative and his compositions more assured. His themes are universal. He depicts human relationships, located within their physical and social environments.

Collectors have queued to buy his work and gallery owners have formed waiting lists to host exhibitions. Publishing houses have made repeated offers to issue his work in a variety of formats.

Project categories: Pictures

16" x 22" : Mixed medium
12" x 20" : Gouache
20" x 24" : Gouache
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