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Ross, Howard

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Howard Ross (b. 1955) was born in Belfast, N. Ireland

Howard studied  art at Castlereagh College, Belfast under the tuition of Clive Wilson who guided and encouraged him to develop his own style and to be free to express his own identity through his work.

For the past 20 years Howard has been painting in oils. This medium has allowed him to reflect in his work his love of colour, light and brush marks. Howard connects especially with the landscape and sea around him.

He takes inspiration from great artists of the past, in particular the artists of the impressionist movement. Their freedom of expression and ability to represent an image with few brush marks in a liberating way really inspire him.

Project categories: Pictures

Mussenden : 20" x 24" : Acrylic on board
D.C.P. : 20" x 30" : Acrylic on board
Dunluce Castle : 20" x 30" : Acrylic on board
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