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Donnelly, Deborah

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Deborah is an Irish artist and a published author. Her most famous work has to be her cow paintings which are loved and adored by all. Deborah has exhibited in some of the world’s most famous galleries The Tate Museums & Saachi galleries to name a few, and received much critical acclaim the world over. Including the artwork for Gary Rhodes the celebrity chefs restaurants She has published a series of children’s books, which aim to encourage painting and her latest project has seen her develop a range of home accessories for House of Fraser and also department stores in the UK. This new creative, bright and colourful range will launch in March 2017 making Deborah a very collectable International artist.

Project categories: Pictures

12" x 12" : Acrylic on board
Duck : 16" x 12" : Acrylic on board
12" x 12" : Acrylic on board
24" x 24" : Acrylic on board
12" x 24" : Acrylic on board
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