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Hughes, David Gordon

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David Gordon Hughes (b.1957) was born in Belfast, N. Ireland.

David  is self taught  and cites his influences as Vincent Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir, Jack Butler Yeats, Paul Henry and  Markey Robinson.

David’s success as an artist is perhaps best be explained by his wonderfully effective use of colour. In the context of his paintings, subject and composition play and essentially secondary role to mood, atmosphere, texture and above all, layers of colour – colour within colour-all built on the luxurious grounds of gold leaf which forms the underlay to nearly all his work.

Project categories: Pictures

Muckish Mountain, Donegal : 7" x 8" : Oil on board : Acrylic on board : Framed : £395.00 or 10 monthly payments of £39.50
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