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Grineau, Charles William

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Charles William Grineau (1883 – 1957) was born in Middlesex, England.

Grineau specialised in illustrating Formula 1 Races for his employer “The Motor” magazine.

He volunteered in 1914, aged 29, and served in the First and Second World Wars. He was a war artist producing war effort publicity material, posters and illustrations.

His chosen medium was pen and ink with charcoal and white gouache.

He used numerous pseudonyms including John A Bryan, John Bryan, Johnny Bryan, John de Bryan, Charles W de Grineau, Charles de Grineau, Bryan de Grineau, Capt Bryan de Grineau and initials B de G. He was born Charles William Grineau and was the son of a well known illustrator and caricaturist Charles Grineau (1852 – 1899).

Project categories: Pictures

World War 1 Manoeuvres : 16" x 21" : Mixed medium
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