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Laverty, Martin – Prints

Please hover your cursor over the image and click on the arrows to see the full set of Martin Laverty prints. There are 32 images in total. Image sizes are below the image. Please note the last 4 images in the sequence are larger. These are not original pieces of art being offered – they […]

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Tytler, James

James Tytler (b. 1948) was born in Aberdeen, Scotland. James studied at Grey’s School of  Art, Aberdeen. After graduating, he taught art and design to secondary school students around the country. In 1978, he left teaching with the ambition of becoming a full time artist. Having experimented with different techniques he soon specialised in the […]

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Rooney, J. P.

J. P. Rooney’s work was first launched in November 1997 with a sell-out show. Since then it has been sold to collectors all over the world. He is well priced in a buoyant market that currently seeks new heroes and fresh investment opportunities, he has entered centre stage at a time when Irish art is […]

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Smyth, George Henry

George Henry Smyth (b. 1968) was born in Ardglass, Co Down, N. Ireland. George studied art at the University of Ulster , graduated in 1994 and then took a year off to recover by travelling across the world. He first came to public attention while still at college; he designed the album covers for the […]

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Keefer, Ron

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Laverty, Martin

Martin Laverty (b. 1964)  was born in Co. Antrim, N. Ireland. Martin is self taught and  his naive style pays homage to Irish Figurists such as Markey Robinson and Gladys Maccabe.  His images are deceptive in that their apparently simple construction belies complex underpinning and arduous advance planning. His themes reflect his love of the […]

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