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Johnson, Alison

Alison Johnson is from Coventry and she lives in the midlands now, she has a 20 year old son and is in her late 40’s. Alison has a dog and loves being out doors on long hikes and exploring the country. Her paintings are influenced by her travels and she is always looking for more influences. Before becoming a full time artist she was a nurse and she worked all over the country.
Alison has a beautiful studio in her garden where she paints, she uses brushes, palette knife and some of her own made utensils and hands to paint with.
Alison Johnson’s delicate handling of the world she depicts around her has the power to not only move the viewer but to make a lasting impression. With a nod to the impressionist painters Johnson’s work has been likened to the great masters of our time such as Turner. Such high acclaim has guaranteed her many exhibitions within the UK, Italy and Paris. Her work continues to reach clients on an international scale.