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Insulae Britanica – 1762

“Insulae Britanica” …1762…Claude Buy de Mornas (d. 1783) …23” x 16” (56 cm x 40 cm)… Recent hand colour.  Published in “Atlas Historique et Geographique” in Paris by L.C. Desnos, 1761. Mornas produced “L’ Atlas Méthodique et Elémentaire de Géographie et d’ Histoire” in 1761 and “L’Atlas Historique et Géographique” in 1762 and was appointed geographer to King Louis XVI in 1764. During the second half of the eighteenth century Paris became the map making center of the world. Two of its most important contributors were L. C. Desnos and Claude Buy de Mornas. Louis-Charles Desnos (France, 1725 – 1805) was both a globe maker and publisher of maps. In the former capacity he was appointed globe maker to the King of Denmark but spent most of his life working in Paris. L.C. Desnos also published the maps for “Routes des Postes” (1761), “Nouvel Atlas d’Angleterre” (1767) and “Atlas General” (1786).  This map has been mounted to museum standards. Ref. Map 1194